Trust Golf Certificate Level 1

In June, the Trust Golf Course provides training courses for Profresional golfers, general people, golfers, aged 21 and over. For the general people, starting from 10 June 2019 onwards.

Which will be the training course for use and teaching TrustGolf Level 1, including

  1. RoboGolf Pro level 1
  2. V1 Sports Video Analysis level 1
  3. Full Swing Simulator and Launch Monitor level 1
  4. Swing Catalyst Level 1
  5. Virtual Green Putt Level 1
  6. Puttview level 1

Normal training fee is 60,000 baht. Special for golf trust 20,000 baht. For those who apply around 13-14 June. Special 15,000 baht. What to get if you pass the assessment is 6 certificates and all passes will receive TrustGolf Level 1 Coach. Can use the equipment in the golf trust on their own.

More details or follow Facebook at @trustgolfclub ,Call (+66) 02 0748995

Can download Certification Outline below

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