Than to be a TrustGolf

Since the opening of the trust golf news conference, we have received a lot of inquiries that Open for service yet? If you use the service, how much does it cost? Very often asked Why must Imperial Samrong.

Trust Golf is accepting applications from 15 June 2019 and is open for service from 1 July 2019. During this time, we are testing all systems and equipment. But opened a trial service with coaches or golf pro who took students until June 14, 2019

Dr. Prin Singhanat revealed that the main purpose was We want golf to be an easy-to-reach sport. Just “want” can walk in to play. But the cost for all kinds of sports is that we cannot deny that It is a limitation for many families. Our technology is a technology that is expensive. If the business model is covered Afraid that there will be those who Can use very little equipment

Before we come to the perfect place Imperial Samrong, we spent 3 years to find the area. With both indoor and outdoor And in the mall With an area of ​​at least 2,500 square meters. The area needs to be an area with a golf course. There are no less than 5 golf courses nearby. There are no less than 10 schools that are interested in golf. They are located in a community with a living cost that everyone can afford.

Both everyone who comes to use the services of staff, teachers, parents just alone. The launch of the golf and technology trust. Everyone seems to be expensive. And if we go to a place that is more expensive to see And golf is really catchy Or we always emphasize that “Golf must be tangible.” Everyone must use the device. And hit like a pro at a faster time It’s like traveling Orange juice sold in front of the alley at the price of twenty baht, but when going to a luxury hotel The price is increased to three hundred, both orange may come from the same market. The cost of the place is the cost to add to the product. And we look at each other in reality. Our employees coach us to get a salary. How much per month does a parent, a small child with a mentor? The cost of living increases by location While entering the service One meal At Imperial Samrong, available from Twenty baht to thousands Those who have the burden of having to take their children, follow-up employees, can live, choose to eat, but if they find lunch that requires hundreds of money What we want Saw that “Golf must be tangible.” It will be even further away. We have paid sports fees at a reasonable price. And we still have to pay extra money to the surrounding places again

The Imperial Samrong department store really has a charm in itself. There is a cultural yard that is held almost all the time. There are food from all regions to try and taste. There are OTOP products for sale. Like the fairs around, there are fresh markets of fruits and vegetables, which the housewives who visit will be able to shop back. It is an atmosphere that we have never met. And when it comes to it, we like it very much, it is real life, not a dream image that has beautiful things There are twenty baht noodles per bowl to eat. Not a life to pay, but each meal is a thousand times, and around the Imperial Samrong there are many good golf courses. Who can go to practice immediately after training with us, whether Phutinan Field Muang Kaew Golf Club Green Valley Summit Windmill Thana City Bangpoo Country Club Suphurhikiet Thanee Lake Wood The Royal The Vintage has schools that support thirteen other schools of golf. Around the trip, there is a BTS Skytrain at Samrong Station in front of the mall. For those who want privacy for here We have a parking space on the fifth floor. Drive up and walk straight into the golf trust. Hardly having to mess with anyone Privacy For food We have all kinds of services. You want food From which restaurant We have an order service in advance.

If looking at the price of the device We would like to compare this. For example, using the first RoboGolf to find your own swing Currently in Asia there is RoboGolf is in Asia. Shanghai is one machine and ours has 2 machines. Nate Weider is the Director of Instructor at the London Golf Center. At present, TrustGolf has worked with Scot Nei, the CEO of Robo Golf. Asked us why we had a lower cost than it should be Because of the cost For example in Shanghai The first use will take about 90 minutes. It costs 600 USD or about eighteen thousand baht. But we charge at 5,000 baht which is an expense that should not be worth hiring him. We can only smile. Answer clearly. “We want everyone to have access to opportunities. And if this will be one point that one golfer in Thailand has developed, we will be happy “instead of getting money from one person worth eighteen thousand baht We ask from four people to use. It’s better than this. Many families have problems. And even if we were to be located in a place where the rent was higher, this dream would give everyone the opportunity to use even more flickering Or the price of the service for putting the view at another place, he thinks 30 minutes / 5,000 baht, but at the trust golf, the price is 1,500 baht. We answered clearly that We got the money back from the moment we saw people develop. If we think of business people, we will not be doing this project because only Swot Analysis will cause everyone to retreat. Or even using our Simulator, in addition to playing like a real round Still have high accuracy Measure resolution Seeing that many people have brought personal equipment to measure Which has very little difference We charge 1,500 baht per hour for a normal room, can use 4 people. If the average divider falls by 375 baht per person or robo golf, if there is one coach Take students to use. If taking 10 people, ROBO Golf 1 hour is at 3,800 baht. If taking a child to check the swing for 6 minutes each, it will cost 380 baht each. That is the coach or the pro who is trained to use from us. Before our price “We are confident that it can be tangible”

For use, it is very easy. You can apply for an annual membership. Which has a price ranging from 30,000 – 250,000 baht that can be used for various devices according to the right or walk into use once, with a registration fee of 1,000 baht for the first time and receive a coupon to use Range drivers and 2 short ball games, worth 1,300 baht. If you want to use any technology, whether RoboGolf, Puttview, Virtual Green, Simulator, Swing Catalyst, pay once.

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