Practice with your Robot custom swing

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Practice with your Robot custom swing

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RoboGolfPro® is a tool that is like a private swing trainer, invented by Scot W.R. Nei, the most respected golf trainer from around the world in the 2 PGA Tour Wins in 2016.

RoboGolfPro® is designed for students who have never experienced golf. Learned professional techniques To quickly enter professional competitions like the LPGA and PGA

For new learners who pass the first lesson of RoboGolfPro®, they will learn what professional golfers spend a short period of time in a year.
RoboGolfPro®‘s work begins with a swing plan. To adjust according to the flexibility of the learner While experimenting with the swing There will be a screen showing on the monitor telling how to catch the golf club correctly. When ready Move the swing slowly According to the steps recommended by the monitor Only this, students can compare the same golf swing that has been done. With a new swing

RoboGolfPro® will show the video before starting to swing and record statistics such as distance, direction, curvature, clubhead. And other information that is needed When swinging for the first time The system will be compared with the RoboGolfPro® swing and let the learner repeat the swing of the pro through the RoboGolfPro® machine repeatedly and regularly. With this system, the swing and game play will change in a better direction. Because the brain and muscle memory Will calculate and work at the same time every time the student uses the RoboGolfPro® machine. When practicing frequently, students will have a swing as a professional golfer. Trust Golf imports 2 RoboGolfPro® machines


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