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“Golf Trust” that has invested more than 80 million to build a training center and develop golf potential with the most advanced world technology. On the 5th floor of Imperial World Samrong Department Store

  Dr. Prin Singhanat, the founder of the Golf Trust Training Center and the development of golf potential with the most modern technology, said that nowadays golf is popular among Middle Income, senior executives or young executives from four young Up to And has become a family sport Regardless of the age of the players who can play golf As a full time mother Time to use with the back ball Quit school with value The mother will kick the ball, play hockey, hit the cricket, and not be easily tired by age. Sports we can Play together and be happy Enjoy both sides And there is still time to talk about it, namely golf, but due to the limitations of weather conditions that sometimes rain, snow, sun is too hot Therefore thought that if an indoor golf course would be good
   Combined with the golfing technology developed by professional golfers and coaches of world class coaches Makes golfing current with a variety of options Everyone can develop the golfing potential without having to go to the golf course anymore.

   All of which are the origin of the establishment of golf trust, training center and development of golf potential with the most modern technology. Supports the lifestyle of today’s golf players with a wide range of ages. Need comfort And can practice golfing with new technology With simulation programs and situations Like learning with a pro Considered a new golf course That completely transformed the traditional golf driving style

Special Benefit

Full Training

Practice and develop golf potential with the most advanced world technology.

Coaching Experience

Open a golf course experience like learning from a world-class professional.

Great Technology

Golfing technology developed by professional golfers and coaches, world-class trainers

Current openings

Virtual Putt Path Display System Shows the direction of the golf ball after being hit The line of golf that should be tilted into the slope of the green. The speed required to hit Direction of the crossbow The path that the golf ball will move Is a laser light that is projected onto the green Control the system through applications on smartphones and tablets.

Virtual golf simulator Most accepted That is accurate With high speed camera technology And infrared light waves Is a simulator that has been trusted by the Golf Channel and is the official simulator used in the PGA Tour. With top golfers as presenter in PGA TOUR, Tiger Woods and many other players around the world by the Golf Trust as a training center The only place in Thailand that uses this tool for golf training. There are 8 machines.

Robot Pro is tools that are like a private swing trainer Designed for students who have never trained in golf to professional golfers. Have learned a professional technique that takes a short period of time to practice for a year

Virtual Green, Computerized Green Putt Simulation System. There is a simulation of slope, inclination or direction of the hole. And change Green surface according to the data entered Can simulate the green putt to match the slope of the holes in the field around the world Working in tandem with Putt View






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